We are passionate about reducing our impact on the environment and we have made every attempt to incorporate these values into the glampsite. We have an Environmental Policy Statement that details our environmental aims and were awarded a Gold Award from Green Tourism upon opening as well as being featured in the Ethical Travel Guide.

  • Our yurts are beautifully handcrafted in the UK with British sustainable timber.

  • We have 25 solar PV panels producing 5KW lovely green electricity.

  • Our shower building once had a life as a shipping container sailing across the seas & we've converted it over many months to give it a new lease of life at our campsite.

  • Our eco toilets compost the waste for fertilising the land and are waterless.

  • Our water is fresh from our borehole. We are keen to conserve it whenever possible - for this reason we don't have hot tubs as we can't bring ourselves to pour away 1,400 litres several times a week.

  • The logs and kindling for the woodburners are from our woodland wherever possible.

  • Our long-term aim is to manage our land for the benefit of wildlife, particularly the woodland.

  • Our yurts leave no footprints on the landscape when dismantled for winter. We are aiming to be as low impact as possible on the land and there are no permanent foundations.

  • Our yurts are lit with solar power as well as candles.

  • We recycle everything that we can and would encourage our guests to do the same in the containers we have provided.

  • Most of our furniture has been upcycled and given a new home at Round the Woods.

  • Food waste can be composted in our compost bin for use on the land.

  • We encourage guests to travel on public transport and explore the natural areas that surround us.

  • Our new project, a straw bale roundhouse, is being made of all natural sustainable materials and will create a beautiful non-toxic space for guests to stay in.

    We don’t compromise on luxury and comfort while providing you with a guilt-free, relaxing eco glamping holiday

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