How We Celebrated the Summer Solstice

After my previous blog post full of ideas of how you could celebrate the Summer Solstice I thought I’d share what we got up to as it can be so easy to put something down in writing and in a way this helps me to actually commit to following through with it but putting these plans into action is where the real benefits (and work) happen. There are a million excuses I could have come up with to avoid the effort needed to make this camping adventure a reality but one of my priorities is to have more adventures and I’m so this one came to fruition.

Here is the photographic evidence that we carried out our Summer Solstice intentions to go camping, to have a campfire, to spend time in nature, to give ourselves a digital detox and to do yoga.

We planned our solstice woodland camping trip for a couple of days before 21st June to fit around our guest arrivals and departures and typically it rained all afternoon and all night. Our campfire and tent plans almost got washed out by the downpour but Seb came to the rescue saving the fire and helping put the tent up and with a whole lot of drying with towels our tent was suitable for a camping adventure.

We enjoyed dinner cooked on the campfire - sausages, peppers & courgette and homemade gluten free bannock bread (a traditional Canadian campfire bread that me & the boys made while sheltering from the rain). We then ended the day with a lovely evening stroll through the wildlife meadow spotting Orchids and spiders.

After a slightly disturbed sleep due to the rain and the fun of young boys sleeping on campbeds we all woke up together at 9am to a beautiful sunny day! The shade of the woodland kept our tent nice and cool and not too bright which really helped us enjoy a much needed rest. While cooking breakfast (eggs, beans & nettles) as well as jacket potatoes for lunch on the campfire I read stories to the boys. We loved one about noctural animals that we’d been listening to the previous night.

We then spent the day slowly together without technology getting in the way of us, embracing the space and time that we’d carved out for our camping adventure. This included yoga and having a go at making twine out of nettles. After lunch and a bit of a play in the tree swing and mud kitchen we packed up and headed on the long journey home (about 350m to our house!) feeling well connected with each other and nature and grateful to the sun and all the warmth, light and energy we receive from it.

I’d love to hear what you did to celebrate, however big or small.