Creating Summer Intentions

Summer has at it's core creativity, energy, joy and abundance and provides opportunities for gratitude and generosity. It is a time for celebration (we've included a whole host of Norfolk festivals to enjoy further down) and feasting on the harvests of the earth. This tends to mean it is a busy time of year which can rush past in the blink of an eye if we aren't careful to slow down and appreciate this season.

Why not take this opportunity at the beginning of July to think through and jot down your summer intentions. This will enable you to focus the abundance of energy and creativity that this season brings and make time for what is truly important to you. Ask yourself what is most important to you right now and what are your hopes for this season? How would you like to connect with nature this Summer and get outdoors?

Barefoot in the meadow

Consciously setting my seasonal intentions is something I’m trying to develop as a habit so I’m hoping that our Rewild Norfolk newsletter and these blogs that go along with it will encourage me to do this. Life really can get busy here, what with running a glampsite, smallholding living, being parents to our growing boys as well as supporting their learning at home, and on the side we always seem to have some big ongoing projects (currently our roundhouse build and campervan renovation) and it can be challenging to make sure that time is focused on the areas where I want it to be. I’m sure life gets crazy chaotic where you are too and that you can absolutely relate which is all the more reason to join me in setting your summer intentions.

Here are my Summer Intentions:

Raspberries growing on a bush - delicious!
  1. to enjoy fresh berries and vegetables with my family, ideally alfresco

  2. to swim in the river or visit the beach once a fortnight with my family (see my post on our favourite wild swimming spot)

  3. to walk barefoot as much as possible, grounding to the earth and feeling part of nature

  4. to make time to fully be present and connect with my family each day, ideally outdoors

  5. to enjoy the big creative projects that we have the opportunity to pursue at the moment which will help us to live even more intentionally long term as well as share our beautiful site year round with guests.

I’d love to hear what your summer intentions or hopes for this season are?